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We have now updated the site to include doors with the Invisibledoors® frames. Riser cupboards are also a new addition to the site. All doors sold through the site are standard primed and lipped doors; if you have any specialist door requirements please contact sales office for further information T: 0113 202 8319 / info@invisibledoors.co.uk
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Tired of headaches trying to make a trimless door-frame – Invisibledoors® is the answer.

Some frequently asked questions about Invisibledoors®:

1: Will the plaster crack up when you shut the door too hard?

A: No, it will not if it is installed in accordance with the installation instructions.  The reason why the plaster does not crack is that Invisibledoors® is screwed every 200mm (8’’) all the way around the door frame which makes it an integral part of the wall.  Testing has been conducted to prove this.

2: What is the minimum & maximum wall thickness?

A: The minimum wall thickness with Invisibledoors® is 85mm (3-3/8’’) and the maximum is 225mm (8-3/4’’).

3: What width and height can be used?

A: Invisibledoors® can accommodate any door width up to 1000mm wide and up to 3000mm 

4: What is Invisibledoors® made from?

A: Invisibledoors® is made from cold rolled galvaneal product which is galvanised steel that has been through an annealing process so it can be painted.

5: How do you paint Invisibledoors®?

A: Invisibledoors® just needs a metal primer and can be painted with the paint of your choice.  It is also available in a powder coated finish.

6: Are the hinges on Invisibledoors® rebated in?

A: The hinges on Invisibledoors® are not rebated into our frame, because Invisibledoors® has a clean line down the edge of the frame that you plaster up to.  If we rebate into that line we lose the clean line look.  Invisibledoors.co.uk supplies a unique, high quality stainless steel ball bearing hinge (other finishes are available) that can be surface applied to keep the clean line look.

7: Can Invisibledoors® be punched for a strike plate?

A: Yes Invisibledoors® is punched out for the strike plate as standard.  A stainless steel striker plate and plastic insert is included in the price of a door frame.

8: How do the top corners join?

A: The corners of EZY-JAMB join together with an alignment insert which is already installed in the frame.

9: Is Invisibledoors® fire rated?

A: Invisibledoors® is fire rated to BS:Part22:1987 for 30 minutes.


If you have any further questions please get in touch – 0113 202 8319 / info@invisibledoors.co.uk 


Ezy jamb is a flush door frame system that is used to create and enhance minimalist interiors and for concealing doors, riser doors and service cupboards. The Ezy Jamb system is used on the outward opening Arriva system and frameless cupboard system.


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